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Investment Casting: Investment Casting Process. This video explains the process of Investment Casting. Contact Brigewater Associates at if you would like a quote for this process of creating …

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    Thanks for wasting 10 mins of my life.

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    totally raaaaad doood ;) 

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    wow this video lol its dead yeah come lets go Narnia

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    if you eat lol if you dont eat your dead

  6. Joshua Lessing says:

    Useful casting process

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    Well his voice is soooooo fun c:

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  10. ❤Wes says:

    What he said

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    investment castings…..goood………

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    sooper tq dude

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    Hahaha… “IF YOU EAT”

  14. lixbeyond says:

    @JulietRomeoJuliet i think they mostly do stainless steel, i might be wrong
    tho so its probably best if you research

  15. TheMrGreenie says:

    How many times does he need to say “investment casting?”

  16. FSMonster says:

    @randomshinichi Because it would fuse (weld) to the molten metal as well as
    deform. Also, you would need to make mold for every piece you want to
    produce. Complex shapes are easier to make with this method.

  17. TheCastingfoundry says:

    thanks for the video, man..

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    superlike… awesome video!! could ve never understood this reading the
    stupid boring books…

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    In the middle of studying for my ASNT Lv III exam, thank you for this!!!!

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    very good to understand investment casting

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    Thanks this helps me understand investment casting much better

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